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Coding is truly the 21st century skill. It is now a basic literacy worldwide, thanks to the efforts of tech giants like Microsoft and MIT. It is possible for people of all ages to learn to program a computer; specially so for young kids after the advent of path breaking innovations like Scratch, Pencil Code, Lego Mindstorms etc. Coding helps to -

  • Enhance Critical Thinking
  • Teach Problem Solving Skills
  • Analyze and decompose complex problems into simple ones
  • Build Self Confidence
  • Teach team work
At Excelsior CodeAcademy, we teach coding to kids starting from age 7. Following are our programs -

YOUNG PROGRAMMER It is our flagship course designed to introduce young minds to the world of programming. It is an intro course for different branches of programming – game, mathematical or robotics etc. When students begin their journey into coding, it is very important to carefully nurture their curiosity. We break down classical concepts of computer science into bit sized manageable problems to help students be creatively stimulated while learning coding fundamentals.  

SCRATCH CODING Scratch is an awesome platform to build programming skills while having fun! It teaches almost all fundamental programming constructs – if, while, for etc in addition to its numerous inbuilt functionalities.The best part is its Drag and Drop feature - This takes away the strain of remembering syntax and focus only on logic in the early stages.

Additionally, Scratch also has an online community where participants can share interactive media like stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world.   PYTHON PROGRAMMING Efficient logic and beautiful algorithms make the world go around. This course initiates students into the world of Python – one of the world’s most famous programming languages. Python is an easy to use but feature rich language, with a syntax that allows us to express concepts in fewer lines of code as compared to other syntax-heavy languages. Our course is split into three levels to give a comprehensive knowledge of the language to our students.   APP BUILDING App Building combines elements of  Ideation and execution primed to produce a desired goal.By learning app building from the ground-up students work on extensive projects which require a disciplined and sound mind while also allowing room for creativity to flow. Apps are used for almost everything today – from booking tickets for a play to calling the plumber. We teach how to build apps using app development platforms like MIT App Inventor so that our students can build their very own application.

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